"Do what you love and you'll love what you do."

DIALOGUE ON LEINWAND is my project, as a passionate professional, as a family manager and as a woman who generates energy from creative power, encounters and...dialogue in addition to everyday life. It succeeds. Even with limited time resources: quality instead of quantity and ability instead of necessity is motivation and freedom at the same time.

My pictures rarely have a "top" and a "bottom". Every viewer has her or his own view and decides for himself. At the same time, the structures set conversations in motion and initiate dialogues with interested parties and viewers. Communication, exchange and new perspectives enrich everyone who is open to a change of perspective and learn from each other.

The pictures are available for exhibitions and temporary rental e.g. for agencies, law firms, medical practices etc. as well as for sale. If you are interested please contact me via E-Mail.


Translated with

"It is an enriching experience, to start a dialogue with the recipient of my paintings and to learn about the very different sights and views on details and perspectives. These fantastic and fulfilling contemplations often lead to new momentums, funny considerations and challenging ideas."