To say it in advance: I am not a professional artist. I didn't study design or art history. I have creativity inside. And creative power. And I believe that diversity in doing enriches and provides new energy. And I believe that diversity in everyday life with people, between work, family, life, political topics and tasks provides sources for new approaches from which ideas can be generated.

As a northern light with oriental roots, grown up with the influences of my parents' internationally business as well as professional stations, e.g. in Vancouver, looking beyond my own nose and constant learning are important characteristics in my life. Since my studies of business communication in Berlin and after successful conclusion I work in the ranges of international co-operation, communication & co-operation as well as Diversity management and intercultural awareness.

Since 2014 my project DIALOG AUF LEINWAND is visible on this webpage.

Translated with

Sonja Nour Rebecca Basjmeleh

"Creativity, openness and responsiveness for changes are mutually dependent. "